What can I say about me? Right now, I’m pursuing my Bachelors in Software Engineer at Mcgill University. I’m passionate about technology and how it changes people’s lives.

I started my “development life” early with 15-16 years old. At that time I was creating websites in html using dreamweaver. After that period I got a job as help desk in a IT company and after 6 months they offered me a place in the ASP.NET development team. I accepted and started learning about .NET which leaded to my MSTS ASP.NET certification.

After this period I moved to Canada where I started my Bachelor, which leaded me to learn many other languages like java, python, C, C++ and others. Right now, I’m focusing in learning Object-C and about iOS applications development.

Um abraço a todos e espero que gostem do blog.
I hope you will like the blog.

Lineker A. Tomazeli


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